Improve Your Peripheral Vision With Acuvue 1 Day Moist

The vision with eyeglasses can be often frustrating with extreme conditions. When you try to see through eyeglasses in conditions such as heavy fog or rain, it will block your eyesight partially. Even when you perspire a lot, it will get reflected at the lenses. You need to clean them often as possible as dirt can deposit on them. But it is now possible to break the barrier with Acuvue 1 Day Moist contact lenses. The most important issue of affecting peripheral vision can be eliminated with the usage of contact lenses.

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Even with contact lenses human eyes tend to deposit a lot of substances through tears. It can be in the form of proteins or lipids or others. Whatever may be the content, it needs to be cleaned on regular basis. This is the reason why eye care practitioners suggest day wear types of contacts. In this type, lenses can be used only during day time and you need to remove them before getting to bed. After removing it needs to be cleaned for the deposits from internal and external means. Though you cannot clean it perfectly, you can use for the intended period.

When you are more vulnerable to eye problems, you can prefer one day lens types. The scenario is completely different with the Acuvue 1 Day Moist lens types. Here the lens is designed only for a day with good moist rate or water content. When you have such high water content, you can feel the freshness or ease in usage.


Providing Easy Solution For First Timers And Also For People Who Wants Active Life

A first timer has many inhibitions in trying the new thing as they don’t have any idea about the product and how their mind is going to react to the change. So when trying something new one must go with a known brand name so that he doesn’t have to fear about the quality. Once the quality is guaranteed then the next thing is to take the challenge and come out as a winner. Here I am talking about contact lenses and the name in concern is the Acuvue 1 day moist which doesn’t give you any feeling from the time you have put it on.

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 You will almost forget that you have contact lenses on and that is the best part about this. You will not have to wear the boring glasses and now you can choose from the latest sunglasses trend without thinking about your vision. For a lazy person like me the most attractive part is that it is soflens daily disposable so there is no need of maintenance or carrying the lens cases. What happens when you have a very tiring day, all you want is to jump into your cozy bed and doze off and Acuvue has made it possible to use and throw soft lenses like these.

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While going out in the sun there was always a tension about how the lens will react but with high UV protection that this one provides there is no need to worry. Now I can move about normally without those regular blinking of the eyes and it somehow soothes my eyes which helps me in leading an active lifestyle. Just like easy wearing even taking out the lenses are also easy as you just have to take a hold of the lens with a finger and with a slight pinch you can just slide it out.

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Some of us are slightly hesitant to put on the same lenses day in and day out due to the wear and tear that it goes through. Sometimes due to our negligence the lens gets damaged so this new lens has solved a lot of problems that we used to face with our old contact lenses.

The Eyes Have a Story to Relate

The eyes of a person tell a story about whether she or he is well or not. If the eyes are not well, the entire body doesn’t really talk brightly. It is for this precise reason why people should never take their vision for granted and instead address any problem immediately. There are times when spectacles are not the objective and if it is approved by the eye specialist then one can don the Air Optix contact lenses.

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They are ideal for people with astigmatism as they can be used for both day as well as night wear. But unless a person is used to using contacts it is best to have the doctor’s approval. The best part about the new kind is that one can use the multifocal as it provides a lot more oxygen through the lens as compared to the old method of hydrogel. It can get quite annoying having to take care of the lenses as it is not as convenient as wearing a pair of glasses – where all that one needs to do is wear the pair and when not required just take it off!  There is plenty of information for one to browse through about using the lenses at the focusop that provides all the information about the different kinds based on the power of each eye.